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BSc, MSc and PhD candidates are warmly welcome

Student's guidance

We offer student's guidance to achieving BSc, MSc and PhD degrees at Warsaw University of Technology. Our topics are closely related to our research therefore we frequently cooperate with students offering instant feedback.

You don't need to have deep biology knowledge (although you might get interested yourself) since we are constructing problems as technical and engineering challenges. Additionally each students gets an introductionary talk with all necessary information and references both from genomics and big data area.

The preferred technology stack is: Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Airflow, Hive, Scala, Python, R. We use Git, Jenkins and Docker containers.

You can contact us in person, via Slack channel or email.

Bachelor's thesis:

In Bachelor's thesis we focus mostly on engineering skills. Some of the topics may include :

  • creating and analyzing DNA/RNA processing pipelines in specified environments
  • extending exisiting distributed algorithms fo genomics to generate new functionality
  • reimplementing classic algorithms in highly effective, distributed manner

Masters's thesis

; Master's thesis is more advanced and requires more analytical input. Some of the possible topics may include:

  • Benchmarking big data storage solutions for fast and interactive genomics data quering
  • Compression of genomics data formats
  • Implementation of complex algorithms in distributed environments

PhD thesis

PhD thesis should be discussed in person with our Head of Research - Tomasz Gambin

Additional activities

Research grants

Don't hesitate and drop by and ask if we have open positions for research grants.

  • PhD Tomasz Gambin:
    guiding towards: BSc, MSc, PhD
  • MSc Agnieszka Szmurło:
    guiding towards: BSc